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Romantic Anniversary in Wild Texas

From the first night I met Cameron, she was talking about grass. I'd never met anyone who loves grass more than she does. The only thing she loves more than grass ss her husband, Caleb. Which is why it seemed so apropos to photograph them in a grass field. I love to photograph's my way of showing them what I see when I look at them. And as you can clearly see from these love soaked, light filled images... these two absolutely adore each other. It was such a pleasure photographing their first wedding anniversary for them. These moments are so important to document and to celebrate. We decided to meet at a field of the couples' choosing, not far from Fort Worth, Texas. It is a special place to them, where they have spent many an hour hiking together. They laughed and danced and I enjoyed hanging out with them--capturing them in their element. I hope you enjoy looking at these photos as much as loved capturing & editing them. Reach out to me if these are the kind of memories you want captured of you and your love.



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